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About CFFF

The Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness

In the aftermath of the devastating wildfires that ravaged Northern New Mexico in 2022 and 2023, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations have come together to form the Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness (“CFFF”). This alliance, grounded in a resolute commitment to restoring the lives and well-being of those affected by the Hermit's Peak-Calf Canyon Fire (HPCC Fire), has taken up the mission to ensure that these victims are fully compensated and made whole under the law. The urgency of this cause stems from the fundamental principle that the people of Northern New Mexico deserve nothing less than absolute justice and restorative support.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every victim of the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fires receives full and just compensation in accordance with the law, reflective of the profound impact the fires continue to have on their quality of life.

A Message From Our Founder

Manny Crespín, Jr.

Manny Crespin, Founder of CFFF

The Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness came together in the aftermath of the devastating Hermit’s Peak-Calf Canyon (HPCC) wildfires that ravaged Northern New Mexico with a mission to ensure victims are fully compensated for economic and non-economic damages in accordance with the law.

The victims, both individuals and communities, found themselves at the mercy of wildfires that left indelible scars on their mental, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. These wildfires were started by the U.S. Forest Service, yet the weight of the federal government’s negligence continues to fall upon the victims through delayed compensation and a refusal to pay for non-economic damages. The wildfires stripped them of their homes, their belongings, and their sense of security. These victims, already burdened with the trauma of their losses, now grapple with the ongoing damages caused by the burn scars left in the wake of the wildfires.

Furthermore, the missing trees and vegetation, once a natural defense against flooding, have rendered the area extremely vulnerable. Traditional land grants, acequias and watersheds were also severely damaged and devastated by the HPCC Fire leading to water contamination, compounding their already considerable losses.

In a world where justice delayed is justice denied, the urgency of the Coalition's mission cannot be overstated. The people of Northern New Mexico deserve to regain their lives, their homes, and their peace of mind. They deserve to have their voices heard and their suffering acknowledged. They deserve to be made whole again.

The Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness is a clarion call to action, a promise to stand resolute, and a vow to uphold the principles of fairness and most importantly, the law.

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