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CFFF Newsletter - February 23, 2024

CFFF Newsletter - Advocacy Update and Call to Action

Dear Friends, Family, and Allies of the Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness,

I hope this message finds you well as we approach the weekend. Our newsletter comprises 4 essential sections, each providing updates on our ongoing efforts and ways you can actively participate in our advocacy.


Section Uno

CFFF in the news after awesome turnout at FEMA Town Hall on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 for CFFF peaceful demonstrations


Section Dos

Letter Writing Campaign Update


Section Tres

Please Sign the Petition


Section Cuatro

Tell CFFF Your Story and Next Steps

SECTION UNO: FEMA Town Hall Follow-Up and CFFF in the News

We recently held a meet-and-greet and a peaceful demonstration at the FEMA Mora Town Hall, expressing our concerns with signs like "Why all the red tape?" and "FEMA! What's taking so long?"


The Las Vegas Daily Optic covered our event and the story can be found below. 


Manny Crespin Jr. had an insightful video interview with Nancy and Gilbert Quintana from La Voz De Mora. Stay tuned for the video release as CFFF continues our peaceful advocacy. 

SECTION DOS: Letter Writing Campaign Continues

We Write! DC Listens to US! WE ARE STRONGER IN NUMBERS! Because the letter writing campaign is going so well, we want to continue this amazing effort into March so that we can continue to be heard, seen, respected, and served. Let's keep sending DC letters so that they know how urgent it is that we need their help.



Senator Ben Ray Luján: Online Form Link

Senator Martin Heinrich: Online Form Link

Representative Leger Fernandez: Online Form Link

Representative Melanie Stansbury: Online Form Link


1. CLICK Each Link – This will allow you to send each member a separate message.

2. Fill Out Entire Form – Input your name, address and all your contact information.

3. Message Topic – When asked for a topic, please select “Environment” in the issue area.

4. Message Subject (enter into subject line on form) – No More FEMA Bureaucrats; Appoint a Retired NM Judge to Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office Director Position

5. Copy and paste the below LETTER into the “message box” –

6. We would like to track our progress. When complete, please forward a copy of your letters to Manny Crespín at


U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján

498 Russell Senate Office Building 

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich

303 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510 Washington DC, 20510

Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez

District 3 (Representing fire victims)

1432 Longworth House Office Building

Washington DC, 20515

Rep. Melanie Stansbury

District 1

1421 Longworth House Office Building

Washington DC, 20515

Gabe Vasquez Gabe Vasquez

District 2

1517 Longworth House Office Building

Washington DC, 20515

(*Please Note that Congressman Vasquez accepts Snail Mail Only if you live outside of the District so you can't leave an electronic submission. If you know someone who lives in Congressman Vasquez's district, have them send one electronically on your behalf as a caring family member.)

Dear New Mexico Congressional Delegation,

First, thank you for your efforts to compensate victims of the Hermit’s Peak/ Calf Canyon fire. Congress’ passage of the Hermit’s Peak/ Calf Canyon Fire Assistance Act (the Act) and President Biden’s promise to make victims whole were important first steps, but the FEMA bureaucrats charged with administering the Act have failed us. The Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness (CFFF) has learned of the former Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office Director Angela Gladwell’s departure from the post. We are encouraged that you are listening to our concerns and we are sending this letter to reiterate our request that you appoint an outside and objective individual to lead the claims office. This individual must be a non-bureaucrat, must have a substantial legal background, possess a deep understanding of New Mexico’s culture and history, and must not be a current political appointee. The community will accept nothing less. Below are names of individuals that the community will accept as knowledgeable and objective to lead the claims office:

  • Tim Garcia, retired Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals

  • Richard Bosson, retired Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court

  • Judith Nakamura, retired Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court

  • Linda Vanzi, retired Chief Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals

  • Alan Mallot, retired Judge, New Mexico District Court

  • Michael Aragon, Judge, New Mexico District Court

Further, we would encourage you to direct the team at the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office and the newly appointed director to conduct meaningful community outreach. Meaningful outreach should encompass the obligatory deference, compassion and cultural acknowledgment necessary to effectively communicate with victims who have survived the fire, have been traumatized by aftermath of the fire, and have been strained by the currently broken claims process.

We believe that fire victims and our community deserve a fair, efficient and transparent process. We hope that the New Mexico congressional delegation will continue listening to victims, local leaders and community members and institute the meaningful changes outlined in our correspondence to you. On behalf of the fire victims and the community, we implore you to appoint an objective individual (non-bureaucrat) who is also a competent former judicial officer familiar with New Mexico law, to direct the claims office and conduct sincere and meaningful outreach to victims and the community. The Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness is a group of over 500 dedicated individuals and organizations that have organized in resolute commitment to restoring the lives and wellbeing of those affected by the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire.


Please use the provided letter template, and forward copies to Manny Crespín Jr. at for tracking purposes. Thank you.

SECTION TRES: Petition Signing

Friends, Family, and Allies: Please see the important Petition Link and QR Code below that helps you to STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND TO HELP HPCC VICTIMS!  You can sign it too!  


LINK AND QR CODE FOR SHARING FOUND BELOW. We, the undersigned, the residents and concerned citizens affected by the devastating Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon fire, join forces and demand immediate action in securing fair and timely compensation for our losses. The current FEMA claims office is not up to the task of administering the compensation program. FEMA has a mandated deadline to issue offers within 180 days. To date, FEMA has regularly missed that deadline. Now, 20 months after the fire, FEMA is barely trying to get appropriate experts and staffing. In light of the significant delays experienced with FEMA, we advocate for the establishment of a dedicated New Mexico claims administrator that understands that this is not a recovery program, but instead a compensation program for our losses. We are asking that you seek the appointment of one of these New Mexico Judges as the Director of the Claims Office under section 104(a)(3) of the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire Assistance Act;  Tim Garcia, retired Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals  Richard Bosson, retired Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court  Judith Nakamura, retired Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court  Linda Vanzi, retired Chief Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals  Alan Mallot, retired Judge, New Mexico District Court  Michael Aragon, Judge, New Mexico District CourtAll except Judge Aragon are retired. All know and understand New Mexico law and our unique issues.. FEMA is regularly losing documents and attempting to manage this program via email. In conjunction with a New Mexico judge, FEMA needs to hire a claims management company with the skills to move claims quickly. We the claimants are asking for a company such as BrownGreer ( who handled the claims for the more than 70,000 claimants in the Pacific Gas & Electric bankruptcy Fire Victims Trust to facilitate movement of our claims. The complexities of dealing with FEMA's delays have only intensified the hardships faced by us, the victims, necessitating a more streamlined and effective solution. By signing this petition, we unite in solidarity to push for a comprehensive and expedited claims process, providing the much-needed relief and support to the individuals and communities affected by this tragic event. Signatures: 235Next Goal: 500 235 500 Signatures Next Goal 178 people signed this week Sign this petition Share this petition in person or use the QR code for your own material. Download QR Code and share on your phone, email, as a photo on social media posts, etc.


Please see the important Petition Link and QR Code below that helps you to STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND TO HELP HPCC VICTIMS!  You can sign it too! PLEASE SHARE IF YOU REALLY CARE!


SECTION CUATRO: CFFF Members Share Your Story with the World & Next Steps

We understand that discussing the impact of the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Fire may be a deeply personal and challenging experience for you and your family. However, we want to emphasize the profound impact your story can have on our collective advocacy efforts. Sharing your experience can be a catalyst for positive change in several ways:


Building Awareness: Your firsthand account adds a human element to the statistics and news reports. By sharing your story, you contribute to building a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families affected by the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Fire. Increased awareness is a powerful tool in garnering support and empathy from a broader audience.


Advocacy Strengthening: Your narrative becomes a vital component of our advocacy efforts. It adds authenticity and depth to our cause, making it more relatable to lawmakers, the media, and the public. Your experiences help underscore the urgency of our mission and provide a compelling reason for others to stand with us in seeking justice and fair compensation.


Community Connection: Sharing your story creates connections within our community. Others who have faced similar challenges may find solace and strength in knowing they are not alone. Your openness can foster a sense of community, encouraging individuals to come forward, share their experiences, and collectively work towards positive change.


Inspiring Action: Your courage in coming forward can inspire others to do the same. By sharing your story, you set an example of resilience and determination, motivating others to take an active role in advocating for their rights. Your actions can create a ripple effect, encouraging a broader movement toward positive change.

Your story holds immense value, not only for your own healing process but also for the betterment of the entire community affected by the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Fire. If you are willing to share, please send me an email to so we can discuss the best way to bring your narrative to light. Together, we can make a significant impact and pave the way for a brighter future.


Thank you for considering this important contribution to our cause. Our commitment to seeking justice for fire victims continues, and your diligent efforts are crucial to our success. The fight is ongoing, but with your support, we will serve as a beacon of hope. Thank you for being an integral part of the CFFF community and please do not hesitate to reach out.As we head into the weekend, let's remain hopeful and steadfast in our pursuit of justice. We are here to advocate for you until the end. 

Please forward this email to anyone you think would benefit from updates regarding the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon efforts. As always, please reach out!  Have a safe weekend.   


Adelante Mi Familia y Amigos,

Manny Crespín Jr. 

Founder for Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness


Empower Change, Inspire Hope. 

Join CFFF for real impact today!


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