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CFFF Newsletter - January 19, 2024

Gladwell steps down, but we need to keep fighting for an objective legal expert to administer claims!

Hola Mi Gente y CFFF Members, Allies and Community Members,

It is welcomed news that Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office Director Angela Gladwell has decided to step aside given her mismanagement of claims and the significant actions by CFFF members and community leaders.

Please see some recent BREAKING news stories below:



Our continued efforts to highlight the plight of fire victims are working. But we cannot stop raising our concerns until an objective legal expert is appointed to administer claims; someone who is fair and knowledgeable about New Mexico's culture and traditions.

We must demand from the New Mexico Congressional Delegation, President Biden and FEMA leadership that former Director Gladwell must NOT be replaced with another FEMA Bureaucrat. Please let your elected leaders know that we will only accept one of the following individuals:

• Tim Garcia, retired Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals


• Richard Bosson, retired Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court


• Judith Nakamura, retired Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court


• Linda Vanzi, retired Chief Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals


• Alan Mallot, retired Judge, New Mexico District Court


• Michael Aragon, Judge, New Mexico District Court

Your support and individual actions to address the needs and concerns of Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fire victims have always been the foundation of CFFF’s strength, and we need to keep our resolve until leaders in Washington D.C. take action to do the right thing.  Please forward this to any of your friends and family and tell them to sign up for updates and newsletters at! ¡Gracias mi familia y gente! 


Manny Crespín Jr. 

Founder for Coalition for Fire Fund Fairness


Empower Change, Inspire Hope. 

Join CFFF for real impact today!


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